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Do you need a site rebuild, or just a refresh?

Recently, I was referred to a new client who was looking to improve his marketing strategy. He wanted to 'level up' his passion project into more of a full-time income producer, but wasn't sure where to start. The first thing I did was look at his website.

A business's website is the primary place where someone can find all the details about the business, and in this case, it was where everything was. This client didn't do much on social media, and his idea was great - but his website didn't do a great job of selling it for him. The thing is, he built the site himself, so he was very proud of his work and didn't want to blow it up and start over, nor did he need to. So, we worked together to refresh what he already had into a more appealing and modern look that told the story of the brand and business model better and more intuitively.

We went from this...

mockup of "before" of website

To this...

mockup animated gif of "after" of website design

My client did all the work (because he wanted to and it allowed him to better manage his budget), I just gave him the details of what went where, wrote content, and QA'd what he created.

This might seem like a rebuild, but the reality is that all of the same functionality stayed put. We gave it some new clothes, but really, we only accented what already existed.

If you would like to talk about how a refresh might benefit you and your business, schedule your free, no-obligation Idea to Execution consult today!


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