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Meet the Designer


Hey, I'm Jenn!

It's great to meet you; I'm so glad you're here!

So you want to know a little about me? Where to start? I founded Jemoy Creative in 2022, while I was working remotely from Europe for a full-service marketing agency - I got up every day at the crack of dawn to squeeze in a few hours of 'my own thing'. In fact, I've spent my entire 15+ year career working at print shops and marketing agencies, and I've had my hands in practically every role - receptionist, account and project manager, creative director, operations director, and graphic designer.

Why did I leave? Because I wanted to work with people like YOU. I am a difference maker for solopreneurs and small business owners who are putting everything they've got into just making it - heck, I'm doing it right alongside you! The difference is that I know how to level up the marketing and design assets you're using so they're way beyond "good enough." 

What else can I share? I'm a proud veteran, Army wife (that's why I was in Europe!), and Navy brat - the military runs in my blood, and I fiercely support the heroes of our country. 

Away from my desk, I'm keeping busy! I sell my sewn wares at craft shows, I love being in the kitchen experimenting with scratch-made goodies, I'm an aspiring gardener, and I love to read (of course, squeezing in that kind of downtime often means I'm 'reading' audio books).


Whenever I can, I love exploring and experiencing new places and cultures, and I'm a language junkie - I can get around and feed myself in 5 languages!

The thing you

need to know the most

I love what I do.

Being a designer is something I knew I wanted to do as soon as I stumbled upon it in college, way back in 2009. I've pursued it ever since - every path I've taken has led me to here.

I find the most joy in being creative, thinking outside of the box, and finding better, faster ways to do things. And I whole-heartedly believe that sometimes, you just have to trust in your own madness.

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