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I may be biased, but

I Have the BEST Clients

Collaboration and relationship-building are a big deal to me. I'm striving to create a raving fan who feels like I'm their designer / marketing gal with every interaction. Even so, the time that these clients have taken to leave me feedback is something I'm forever grateful for!

In my journey across various ventures, I've had the privilege of working with many talented individuals. But few have left as lasting an impression as Jenn Montgomery of JEMOY Creative. From the moment we collaborated, her creative prowess was evident. Jenn possesses a rare ability to take a mere sentence, a fleeting thought, and transform it into a visual masterpiece. It's as if she taps into the very essence of what I envision, often with minimal direction.


Her dependability is unmatched, a trait I've come to deeply value in this fast-paced world. And beyond her undeniable talent as a graphic designer and artist, it's her collaborative spirit that truly sets her apart. Working with Jenn isn't just a transaction; it's a partnership. She brings a level of ease to the creative process, making even the most complex projects seem effortless.


I've had the honor of bringing Jenn onboard for four of my companies, and I've recommended her talents to countless others. In every instance, the feedback has been unanimous - Jenn is a creative force to be reckoned with. If you're seeking someone who can breathe life into your vision, look no further than Jenn Montgomery and JEMOY Creative.

Eric, a business leader

Jenn has an outstanding eye for detail, and is the most reliable creator I have encountered to date. One of her many talents is keeping the big picture in the forefront of her projects, never losing site of the "why" behind it. She is also an absolute delight to work with!

Amanda, a non-profit leader

I’ve worked with Jenn for nearly 5 years, and it has always been a genuine pleasure. Her customer service and account management skills are outstanding. She is organized, thoughtful, and authentic and her skillset and talent are top notch. I always feel confident in the quality and the experience to come when Jenn is at the helm on a marketing project. I look forward to more work together in the future!

Maggie, a business builder

Jenn was amazing and professional. Her price was very budget friendly, especially for someone in my situation with a small start up business. She was prompt and quick to respond to any questions or updates I had for her. She was willing to be open about the items she created on what ones I preferred and didn't prefer. I'd recommend her services to anyone! Thanks so much!!

John, a daydream chaser

I love all your thoughts. It was like you organized my brain. Can I just say you are amazing 😫 I love the site and all the details just 🙌! Thank you so much for all of your help on this. I'm so glad our paths crossed!

Xochil, an influencer

Jennifer was a fantastic partner as we developed an idea for my new venture. She provided honest feedback, offered great ideas, and progress was rapid; her experience is invaluable.

Larry, a visionary

You absolutely NAILED this!  You have definitely given us the tools to get started!!!  I can’t believe you were able to take what we had snipped and our zoom conversation and deliver it into something we couldn’t even articulate!...Thank you SO MUCH for all of your hard work!!  You’re incredible at your craft!!

Kyla, a non-profit leader

Jenn was wonderful to work with, she asked great questions to truly understand the branding needs of our organization and gave us a great product. She was patient with our timelines and limited skillset. Jenn is very knowledgeable in the subject matter and gave us exactly what we were looking for.

Marta, a non-profit leader

Jenn has been AWESOME! She is very responsive, professional and talented. Overall she has been a joy to work with and I highly recommend her for your projects.

May, a visionary

I lean on Jenn to create very high caliber content for large business exits that I am working with, and she never fails to rock every project I send to her.  Her friendliness, deadline execution, and willingness to work with me after the fact on edits and changes.  Cannot recommend her enough!!

Dana, a solopreneur

Jenn was flexible, creative, and, perhaps most importantly of all, patient with my edits, revisions, and suggestions. She took a plain/barebones document and turned it into a beautiful impact report that my organization can't wait to send to prospective funders and outside organizations.

Phillip, an empowerer

Clearly she was very into the idea of what we do for work and the community. She had many resources and ideas to build on the work that we've already done and expand. The conversation was very strength based so that way we can move forward in a positive way. I look forward to our future conversations and projects making the adjustments and expanding our marketing so we can grow our foundation.

Eddie, an advocate

Jenn is a true professional and expert in her field! Her design skills are top notch, she's always on-time or early with her work, an excellent communicator and a dream to collaborate with on the creative aspects and logistics of a project. Jenn is one of the best people I've worked with, not only in Marketing, but of all the professionals I've encountered throughout my career. I highly recommend her for any design project or consultation needs.

Jillian, a kitchen table entrepreneur

Jenn is FANTASTIC! She reached out to help with a marketing deliverable, after working with her for only a week and seeing the quality of her work..let’s just say I’m sleeping better 😊 She is a design & marketing extraordinaire, communicative, responsive, and easy to work with. Her efforts have quickly helped my firm and I level up / look professional. After reviewing her portfolio at Jemoy Creative I was inspired to use her expertise for social media pieces and a custom guide for business sellers. She is the marketing & design partner I’ve been looking for; 100% recommend.

Ryan, a business leader

Jenn's professionalism, knowledge of the non-profit landscape, and artistic outcomes are top-notch. We are extremely fortunate to have worked with her on this project. Her clear communication, efficient rendering of outcomes, and adaptability to our board's feedback made our project successful from step 1.

Maryn, an advocate

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