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Creative Services & Strategies for
Small Business Owners & Solopreneurs

Go Beyond 'Good Enough'

You became a small business owner because you're passionate about your work…not because you wanted to spend all your time on marketing or design. 

But no matter your industry, running a business alone or with a small team is a lot to take on. That’s why it’s so important to use your marketing assets to connect with your perfect-fit customers.

Plus, you probably feel overlooked or outpriced by big agencies, or totally in over your head with DIYing things on your own. My goal? To offer tried-and-true creative services at a strategically small price that make your larger-than-life dreams come true. 

​Let's take action on your great ideas together with beautifully-designed (and reasonably-priced) marketing materials! That way, you can put time back in your day, stay top-of-mind with your ideal customer, and go from “good enough” to better than you ever thought was possible.

(PS: we’ll have extra in common if you’re a fellow veteran or milspouse like I am!)

Where Should You Start?

Schedule a Free Idea-to-Execution Consult

Does marketing, branding, and creative strategy feel way outside your wheelhouse? That’s why I’m here.

Wherever you are in your business journey, your marketing assets make you stand out and catch the eye of prospects and referrals. Whether you have too many ideas or you don’t even know what you may need, your next best step is to jump on a call with me! 

Together, we’ll fill in all the creative gaps so you can start taking action to break out of the “good enough” cycle and grow the business you know is possible!

Solutions for
New Adventures

If You're Just Starting Out

Congratulations for chasing down that daydream of yours and making it a reality!

Now that you're steppin' out, you'll also want to stand out with business-building basics like:

  • Logo & Brand Design

  • Custom Website

  • Business Stationery (Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Notecards, etc.)

  • Outreach Materials (Presentation Template, Flyer, Booklet, Brochure, etc.)

Typical investment range: $350-$1,500

Let's get things moving!

If You're Just Starting Out

If You're Ready to Grow

Solutions for
Taking Your Small Biz to the Next Phase

I see you continuing to hustle and grow!

Your business has been around for a while, and now you're ready to solve some challenges, try out new solutions, and add consistency to your marketing and design. I got you with strategic materials like:

  • Branded Documents & Forms

  • Booklet & Brochure Design

  • Capability & Pitch Decks

  • Flyers, Mailers, & One-Sheeters

Typical investment range: $160-$650

Let's continue your growth trend!

"I’ve worked with Jenn for nearly 5 years, and it has always been a genuine pleasure. Her customer service and account management skills are outstanding. She is organized, thoughtful, and authentic and her skillset and talent are top notch. I always feel confident in the quality and the experience to come when Jenn is at the helm on a marketing project. I look forward to more work together in the future!"

MAGGIE, a visionary

If You're Ready to Grow

Solutions for
Branching Out

If You're Doing Something Different

Kudos to you for being a trendsetter!

Whether you need beautifully designed promotional materials for a special campaign, or you just have an awesome idea that you want to flesh out and try, we can collaborate to get it all out of your head and in front of your customers! You might be thinking about creating:

  • Event Promos (Invites, Signage, RSVP, Thank You's, etc.)

  • Branded Greeting & Thank You Cards

  • Templated Digital Assets (Social Media Graphics, Presentation Decks, etc.)

  • E-Books, Whitepapers, and Other Passive Income Projects

Typical investment: Starts at $80

Let's fine-tune your ideas!

If You're Doing Something Different
If You Want to Do It Yourself

Guided Solutions for You to Implement

If You Want to Do It Yourself

Welcome to the "Goldilocks Zone" of creative collaboration. 

Maybe you really enjoy the creative aspect of marketing your small business and view it as a break from your "real job" - that's cool! Sometimes you just need to talk through a big idea, and you're able to do the creative design work yourself (or with the team you've already spent so much effort to build).

Go for a one-hour, ask-me-anything consult. All you have to do is choose a convenient time to meet and pay, then after our call, I'll document everything we talked about and send you a prioritized list with additional resources that will guide you toward success as you execute on all your ideas.

Investment: $375

Do You Do...?

Solutions for the "Do You Do THIS?" Question

If You Don't See Exactly What You Need

If you've made it this far and don't see what you're looking for, don't fret. Let's talk about your needs, goals, and ideas - when it comes to marketing solutions and design strategies, there's not much I don't do. 

Schedule your FREE Idea to Execution Consultation call using the scheduler below!

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