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What to Wear for Your Next Corporate Photoshoot

If you’ve ever been to a business’ website where they have pictures of their team, and especially group pictures, you might have noticed some off-putting things right away. Maybe the pictures felt dated. Or perhaps that one girl stood out in her hot pink dress.


While I would absolutely recommend a business owner invest in great brand photography, there are some things that you have to pay attention to in order to ensure you don’t fall into easy traps.



Note: There are exceptions and caveats to every rule. If you have something you’ve seen that is inspiring your shoot, or you want to be intentionally different, by all means. The following are meant to be general do’s and don’ts for business leaders who don’t know where to start.


If a client asks me for recommendations of what to wear for a corporate photoshoot, here’s what I would tell them and why:

DO look at what everyone plans to wear ahead of time.  You don’t want to get to the photoshoot and be appalled or annoyed by what someone chose, with no ability to change. You’ll end up hating the photos, which means you wasted time and money.

corporate photoshoot
See how the girl on the right stands out?

DON’T forget to start with a color palette or theme.  Going into your outfit options with an idea of what you’re looking for is going to reduce your headache in the long run, especially if you have a big team. You could choose a theme like fall colors, jewel tones, or black and gray. Or, you could say no to specific colors based on the background you’ll be shooting against.

corporate photoshoot, suit and tie
They have a theme, but the red shirt in the middle is immediately noticeable.

DO reserve the right to veto a team member’s outfit.  Let’s not worry about hurt feelings here. You’re the business owner, you get to decide how you want your photos to look. Obviously, you want your team to feel amazing in the photos (it will come through, trust me!), but don’t force them to go out and buy something new. Give them some parameters and work with them to find something you’re both happy with.

corporate photoshoot outfit choice
The choice of footwear for the person in the middle maybe should have been veto-ed here.

DON’T forget a backup.  Even if you’re just bringing an extra sweater in a different color, bring an option for your outfit – just in case it’s not photographing well or you’re feeling way too self-conscious for good photos.

DO opt for classic styles and fits. So bell-bottoms and crop tops are very “in” right now? Not for your corporate photo shoot! Find outfits that will stand the test of time so that you can get the most out of your investment. Business casual is a safe bet, unless…

super modern corporate photoshoot
In 2024, they're very trendy. But in 2006? They would have looked frumpy and disheveled.

DON’T be too stuffy.  If you’re not the business casual type, and your clients would never catch you in a blazer or a pencil skirt, don’t wear that for your photoshoot! It will create a disconnect, especially for new clients who’ve looked at your website. Instead, opt for a slightly elevated version of your daily attire, while keeping it timeless.

branding headshot, modern
She still looks professional, but she's not wearing a suit.

DO avoid bold patterns and colors.  This goes back to timeless photos where no one stands out like a sore thumb. If one person is wearing huge polka dots while everyone else is in solid colors, your eye is going to go STRAIGHT to the dots in the final picture.

business team photoshoot
The red tights don't make sense for this shoot. That's immediately where the eye goes in a sea of blue.

DON’T show off too much skin.  Bottom line, it’s just as distracting as the polka dots in the last tip. Ladies, avoid tank tops and above the knee skirts. Gentlemen, don’t open too many buttons on your button down.

realtor team photoshoot
The girl farthest to the left is bordering on scandalous, sitting in a short dress.

DO ask for a second opinion.  If you’re not sure if what you’ve chosen will photograph well, ask your photographer! They’re going to be able to point out what will look good on camera, if a pattern will add extra pounds, if a color is going to be too bold in your environment, or worse, camouflage you. They’ve probably seen it all, and they’ll appreciate that you trust their opinion.

DON’T wear white or beige without something over it.  A crisp white button down looks classic. But, unfortunately, white doesn’t make photography easy – that’s why there is an entire industry of people who specialize in wedding photography. White tends to “blow out” the exposure in a photo, and it can make everything else appear dull without the right settings and lighting. So, if you are heart-set on that white button down, add a dark blazer or sweater for contrast and to minimize the white. And sorry ladies, no white pants, please!

modern, warm, team photoshoot
White outfits help the overall softness of this photo, but would have been hard on a dark background.

DO remember your photoshoot environment. I live in the southwest, and it gets HOT here. Doing a photoshoot outdoors, asking people to be covered up, in the middle of summer… you’re just asking for sweat stains. Consider whether you’ll be indoors or out, what your background is going to look like, and what the options are for staying warm or cool in-between shots. Pro-tip: Bring things that can help folks touch up – hairspray, bobby pins, mirrors, safety pins, extra makeup – so that you can fix anything that happened between your bathroom and the shoot.

modern photshoot
The woman in the middle is beautiful, but her outfit is washed out- she's almost a 'floating head'.


These tips are mostly for teams of people. But they also apply for individuals who are planning for their corporate headshot, just without quite as much coordination.


My last tip for your next corporate photo shoot is to tell your photographer to be a little bossy. You’re hiring a professional, so let them do their job and be the professional. Encourage them  to tell you if your outfit isn’t photographing well, or if the pose you’re in isn’t flattering. A good photographer will know what works, and given the freedom to tell you will result in a better shoot.


The photos above are taken from publicly-accessible Pinterest pins. These are NOT my photos or my clients, I do not take credit for these photos, nor is this meant to be slanderous of the teams photographed or the skill of the photographer(s). These are simply here to serve as an illustration of the points identified above.


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