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The Sub7 Brand
Guide Template

Empowering you to craft and share awesome brand guides from a fail-proof starting point

As a graphic designer you want your work to shine…but you also want your clients to use their unique brand with intention and attention.

Your Signature Style, Without Starting From Scratch Each Time

The Sub7 Brand Guide Template makes it easier to package up and present your comprehensive branding projects to clients. So that your creative work gets used with team members and vendors in the right way and your margin between time spent and profit made is a whole lot🫸 b i g g e r 🫷.


What’s Included:

  1. A flexible InDesign template that’s quick and easy to update (as in, it only takes 7 minutes to get started - hence the "Sub7" name!) and more sophisticated than Canva

  2. A one-click update Table of Contents

  3. In-page navigation with clickable chapters to jump between elements (plus an easy way to add new sections based on your clients’ specific needs and your personal design process)

  4. Basic copy explaining core parts of the brand guide so that you can inject your own voice and personality, without staring at a blank cursor

  5. Thoughtful touches, like how NOT to use the logos you spent so much time designing (which is extra useful not only for your client, but also any other 3rd party vendor they’re outsourcing to so that your original work keeps its integrity)

  6. A step-by-step video tutorial video walking you through the creation process from start to finish


Get it for only $27!


So Easy, Ultra Adaptable

Leveraging the automagic ✨ features of InDesign, the Sub7 Brand Guide Template uses a master-page format (sort of like an OG Powerpoint) and preset paragraph styles. This means, if you update one core element—like fonts, colors, titles, etc.— the rest of the template changes too. Which saves you from jumping from page to page and the risk of details falling through the cracks.

This Brand Guide Template is also scalable for each brand you work with. You can easily add new pages and sections, re-order and re-name chapters, and duplicate layouts to speed up the process. 

Customize the template using your brand colors or your clients’—whatever delivery style feels best for you. Plus, there’s lots of space for inspo photos and personal touches, which as you know, make all the difference!

Jenn was wonderful to work with, she asked great questions to truly understand the branding needs of our organization and gave us a great product. She was patient with our timelines and limited skillset. Jenn is very knowledgeable in the subject matter and gave us exactly what we were looking for.

- A Branding Client

From One Designer to Another

Hi, I’m Jenn, a fellow Graphic Designer & Marketing Strategist. I developed this brand guide template as I was building brands with dozens of my own clients across industries over the past 3 years. Through these branding projects, I learned what clients expect and appreciate, and what is too much to include for non-designers. 

I know how to balance your big vision as a designer with the basic needs of small business owners. 

This Brand Guide Template includes everything you need to stand out as a creative partner, without overwhelming your client in the process. (Plus, I believe that good designers don't gatekeep good tools!)

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