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with Jemoy Creative

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My Expertise, Your Success


Are you a real estate agent looking to make a lasting impact in the competitive local market? Discover how Jemoy Creative can help you stand out in the sea of real estate agencies. My mission is to empower you with strategic solutions tailored to your unique needs, allowing your agency to flourish.

Meet the Owner of Jemoy Creative

Jenn Montgomery

With over a decade of experience in an agency setting as a graphic designer, coupled with my background in marketing strategy and print management, I am a versatile professional who can guide you through every stage of your agency’s creative journey. My unique blend of expertise ensures a comprehensive approach to bringing your vision to life. Whether your project is large or small, I will collaborate with you on your goals to help unleash the full potential of your agency.


In a nutshell, I am a:

  • Continual learner with education and experience in multiple industries. I hold a BA in Graphic Design from The Art Institutes and a BA in Communications from Arizona State University.

  • Passionate supporter of trailblazers, driven to support those who aspire to break boundaries, forge their own paths, and start their own entrepreneurial journeys

  • Veteran and military spouse with impactful and enriching experiences among many cultures

  • Creator in many forms, I’m skilled in quilting, woodworking, and cooking.

  • Ocean lover. The sea is where I find solace.


With Jemoy Creative, I harness my education, experience, and expertise to help real estate agents thrive. Reach out to take the first step in discovering exceptional design and branding solutions for your agency.

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