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CBRs are my most common service for business brokers, and they’re a fantastic asset to leverage as a sales tool for the business, a way to bring new clients in the door, and a way to showcase your brand. We’ll work together to build a template layout that you love and that includes the most common sections you need, and then we’ll insert your first CBR into the brand-new template, and fine tune as needed. Common sections in a CBR include: - Welcome Message from the Broker - Executive Summary (at-a-glance overview) - Key Business Considerations - Business Profile (history, competition, growth opportunities, service area & demographics, revenue percentages, etc.) - Staff, Asset & Property Overview (FF&E and inventory, owner responsibilities, staff profile, benefits, etc.) - Business Reputation - Web Presence Overview - Location Profile, including Map - Photo gallery - Next Steps - Broker Process & Agency/Firm/Broker Overviews - Disclosures and Confidentiality Statement While booklet design for CBRs is common, this service can also be leveraged for things like welcome packets, seller guides, buyer guides, instructional guides, and more. This service includes a design up to 16 pages, the insertion of the first CBR into the design, and 2 rounds of revisions. For full inclusions, please reach out for a consultation. $950


Booklet Design

For Confidential Business Reviews (CBRs)

Leveraging a pre-existing template design for your CBR, this is the 'rinse and repeat' service anytime you are getting ready to showcase a new business. Utilizing the same template with new content allows CBRs to be turned around quickly, and maintains brand consistency for you. You can typically expect a 3-5 business day turnaround once all the assets are received (or developed), and this service includes 1 round of revisions. $200


Template Customization

For Confidential Business Reviews (CBRs)

Not everyone is great at writing, and sometimes that can be the barrier keeping you from creating outstanding CBRs, or the reason you dread working on them. That’s okay, and why you’re investing in a professional to take that stress off your hands. We can work together to take the information your client provides (like the onboarding questionnaire, your valuations, their pictures, equipment lists, and staff profiles, etc.) and turn them into working content for your CBR that is well-written, reviewed closely, and ready to go with little-to-no involvement on your end. In addition to helping you plug in your content to a CBR design, I’ll provide a well-organized Word document with all of the content so that you or your client can easily review it and make sure it’s all accurate before advertising the business. This service includes up to 1,000 words (for reference, a 12-page CBR leverages roughly 1,500 words), and 1 round of revisions. To keep things easy, we’ll set a ‘flex price’ that you’re comfortable with for the word count and I’ll alert you if I need to go over that. This is the easiest way to keep things moving quickly for you, while ensuring you’re getting the best possible content for your CBR. $200


Content Development

For Confidential Business Reviews (CBRs)

Forms are often a big part of a business broker's practices, and they should look just as great as everything else in your brand, while also being easy to share and reuse with new clients. I can help you take your basic form and fine-tune it to make it something you're proud to share. Forms are typically built in Word, but then dropped into Acrobat to make them fillable. We’ll work through the questions and functionality you want to include to make sure everything is right, and then the last step is adding that fillable functionality, and making it usable and save-able for your clients. This project leverages existing content, is designed for a form up to 50 questions, and includes 2 rounds of revisions. $200


Branded Forms

Development or Refinement

Creating social media content for your chosen platform(s) is time-consuming and can be tough. Let me help make it just a little easier by creating reusable image or graphic templates that can quickly accompany your custom social content. They'll look great and be in-brand - helping to connect the dots for anyone who's checking you out prior to calling you. More often than not, these templates are designed to showcase the broker’s business, but they can also be created in a way to allow you to quickly showcase the business you’re selling too. If you have a Canva Pro account, we can design the templates there, or they can be done in Powerpoint. Either way, they’ll be easy to use and re-use. This service is designed for 6 layouts on your chosen social media platform. It includes 2 rounds of revisions. Since post sizing for each platform varies, if you want to leverage your content on another platform, we can resize your existing graphics to work there too for $75. $150


Social Media Post Templates

For LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Google

While the items listed above are the most common services that I help business brokers create, there are plenty of others that we can work together on. New projects are best started with a conversation, so please reach out if you'd like to chat through your needs or ideas. Some ideas of other projects include: - Presentation / Capabilities Deck - Booklet / Brochure Design - Ad / Flyer / Postcard Design - Business Cards & Business Stationery Design - Document Branding - Content Development – General - Logo Design & Brand Guides - Email Marketing Graphics Have an idea that’s not listed here? That’s great – let’s discuss!


Other Creative Services

For Business Brokers

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